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We’ve seen a lot of change since 1925, when CVE was founded. Throughout the years, we’ve evolved to meet new energy demands. Today we stand ready to help you enhance your green footprint in a variety of ways, including solar, wind generation, geothermal, hydroelectric, electric vehicle charging stations, fuel cells, and battery storage. We even have the expertise to help install and maintain micro-grid systems. Step into the future today with our help.

Renewable Energy
  • Learn Specific Needs
  • Define Expectations
  • Design Your System
  • Establish Goals
Renewable Energy
  • Plan For Safety
  • Use Creativity
  • Provide ROI
  • Focus on Quantity
Renewable Energy
  • Maintain Operations
  • Respond Quickly
  • Fix Critical Systems
  • Enhance Functionality

Innovative Technologies

Discover the Benefits & Challenges of Renewable Energy

The area of renewable energy is quickly evolving, and CVE is keeping up with the changes to ensure our knowledgeable team provides you the best service. Whether you know which clean energy alternative you prefer, or you want to understand your options, we can assist in the design process and install your system, as well as maintain it.

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Our experienced team has a well-deserved reputation for excellence, so we’re excited about demonstrating our abilities in the exciting and evolving area of renewable energy. After we learn your specific needs, we’ll design/install a state-of-the-art system that meets or exceeds your expectations.

“CVE did a great job on our project. It was a very professional installation. The project was well planned and executed through all phases. As always, it was a pleasure working with CVE.”

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Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy