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Power that Helps Save Lives

For most people, a power outage is a minor inconvenience, but when that power is managing life safety and critical systems, ensuring it’s always on becomes a matter of life and death. CVE realizes this, so  whether  we’re  doing  an  installation  at  a  healthcare  facility,  making  a  repair,  or  responding  to  an  emergency situation, we know protecting patients and maintaining environmental controls is critical. As a healthcare provider, you can trust your electrical systems to us; we’re proud to say we have a deep understanding of OSHPD requirements and how to fulfill them.

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Experience That Matters

Make Sure You Have Power When You Need It

Our experienced team has a well-deserved reputation for excellence, so we’re excited about showcasing our abilities in the healthcare sector. We know the need for power at healthcare facilities is critical and for some  clients,  we  have  full-time  personnel  onsite.  We’ve worked for many of the biggest names in healthcare, including:

  • Scripps Health
  • Sharp Healthcare
  • Kaiser Permanente
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